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UX design, UI design

The psychological method of Dr. Bodo R.V. Antonic allows developing the full potential that should be a tool for top managers.

Our client, Dr. Bodo R.V. Antonic, a motivational speaker and a diver, who shows people/companies the way out of breathlessness to the surface to allow creativity to unfold again and to develop their full potential. This requires professionalism, focus, and guideline. This is a matter of course for divers - and should be a tool for managers. So that the person and the company do not run out of breath prematurely.

We were dedicated to advertising his concept of "breathlessness". We created the unique UI Design concept that displays stress pressure that is similar to scuba diving. And this conveys the philosophy of the company. Key images, fonts, and the color scheme cause the correct understanding of the idea.