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Aesthetic Technology, Sales Tool, B2B, B2C
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Skills Applied
Wireframing, UX/UI Design,
Data Visualization, Interface Design, Information Architecture,
Web Design, Responsive Design
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Design Type
Website, Web App, Dashboard


Design a website that provides a comprehensive overview of the technology the company invented, emphasizing its long-term effects and overall benefits. / Provide a tool for the sales team of a fast-growing business that offers comprehensive insights into both current and prospective customers, gives a good overview of their sales and revenue.

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Design Solutions

Our team designed a website that effectively communicates the technology's value proposition, ensuring visitors understand its impact and advantages, provides visibility to branches that utilize technology. The design also reinforces strong branding, creating a cohesive and compelling online presence.Also we created an advanced Sales Dashboard, which focuses on intuitive navigation and clear data presentation, while the integration of sophisticated data visualization tools provides the sales team with valuable insights and trends. The final interface design facilitated quick access to essential information, supporting the sales team in making informed decisions and improving overall efficiency.


Service branches

As a rapidly growing B2B/B2C brand with representatives worldwide, it is crucial to provide visibility to all branches utilizing Sofwave technology. Additionally, it is important to offer customers easy access to locate branches where they can receive services.



As well as provide visibility to distributors who can implement the technology at their clinics and provide comprehensive training.



An effective sales tool that offers a comprehensive overview of trends and sales opportunities. A real-time data visualization, also allows sales managers to quickly react to resource shortages at any branch. This capability enables a single person to manage and deliver resources efficiently, eliminating the need to wait for requests.


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