Sensar | Pixelhunt


Branding, UX design, UI design, Mobile Design

Creating the ultimate connected lifestyle app.

Sensar is your virtual assistant connecting you with your favourite people, places and the very best products and deals around you. Never again miss that special offer, social gathering or perfect business opportunity. With Sensar you are ultimately connected wherever you are and with this lifestyle app you earn points and gain rewards for everything you do.

By creating strong and memorable Sensar Branding, wireframed and designed more than 40 screens we put our whole life in one application on the UX Design stage. Regarding User Interface Design our team faced the challenge to create an unusual lifestyle app which has no analogues in the market. Not app designs that everyone is used to seeing. To create a cool and unique design UI concept with a dark background but keeping readability. And we decided to focus on strong colors and font contrast to attract user attention. And our solution created sharp contrasts and make entire designs more colorful and eye-catching.